How to get her in bed (after marriage and kids)

Feb 20, 2018
What happens when one partner wants sex and his or her long-term partner is rarely in the mood?
A healthy sex life is a part of what makes up a thriving relationship. When one or both partners are feeling unsatisfied in this area, this can trigger the beginning of a downward spiral that does not end up very well.
A Newsweek article stated that 15% to 20% of couples who are married with kids have sex less than 10 times a year. This translates to around 20 million couples who are not having much sex.

Many couples report wanting a better sex life. With children, careers, lack of sleep, endless household duties, financial pressures, and all of the other energy drainers that come with modern family life, sexual desire can begin to fade away. This is normal. But normal does not necessarily mean acceptable.

Problems arise when one wants it more or the other wants it less. And if you become complacent, your sex life is unlikely to change.

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