Deepen Connection, Improve Communication, Enhance Intimacy

The Elevated Relationship Program offers an integrated process combining research based relationship theory and coaching, creating real change

Take The ONLY Integrated Couples Program Led By A Therapist And A Navy SEAL/Executive Coach that practices and shares from experience. 

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A Therapist and Navy SEAL Guide Couples to Improve Communication, Deepen Connection, and Renew Intimacy


Online Couples Course

In our online course, we guide couples through a process that inspires relationship growth while simultaneously igniting personal development. Using a holistic framework, we address mind, heart, body, and spirit.

Live Couples Workshop

Our Live Couples Workshop is based on Hold me Tight®. In this program, we guide couples through private conversations designed to renew connection. Hold me Tight® is a Registered Trademark of Dr. Sue Johnson. 

Private Coaching

Coaching is a great option for couples who want to work on their specific challenges in a private setting. You have the option of working with Jeff or Cristina and we are available to work with you as a team. 

"You two were great, and I especially liked it when we had you one-on-one. This was a great worthwhile course, I liked that it was a real couple teaching from the male and female perspective."

B.M., San Diego, CA

"If you care about your marriage, you need to go."

K.W., San Diego, CA

"I really felt comfortable with J & C as facilitators. Their ability to share their own personal experiences really allowed me to open up. I really appreciated their patience & sincerity to wanting to help improve my marriage and connection with my husband. "

L. L. , San Diego, CA

Couples Workshops In San Diego

The Couples Workshop will assist you with improving your relationship, no matter where you are at now. This program is designed to facilitate connection, communication, and intimacy.

At the workshop, you will:


  • Understand emotions that drive disconnection and connection
  • Work together as a team discovering the cycles that keep you from being close 
  • Explore and share your inner experience in a way that will improve your relationship
  • Bond in real time and extend this to daily living
  • Learn ways to communicate effectively with subject matters that tend to cause difficulties
  • Develop an awareness of cycles that lead to fights or lonely withdrawal
  • Learn how to shift out of unproductive conflict and other problems
  • Enhance sexual connection, satisfaction, and touch
  • All conversations are private between you and your spouse
  • You'll have the support of a therapist when needed and the insight of a former Navy SEAL and High Performance Coach. 



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